Cause of Death Confirmed in John Doe Case

Meridian police are still trying to identify a man found dead at an abandoned mobile home at 3300 Old Marion Road Feb. 13.

An autopsy confirmed the man died of gunshot wounds to the upper torso.

Officials initially said the victim had no tattoos but the crime lab found two. One is on the man's chest,
"Loyalty over Royalty". The second is on the subject's upper right shoulder and appears to read "Chris G" with a set of dice under it. The man also had a two-lined scar on his right upper forehead.

There was no identification on the man and a check of his fingerprints on the Automated Fingerprint Identification System database revealed no past criminal record.

He is described as a black male with a heavy build, believed to be in his mid-30s, 5' 8" to 6' 0" in height, and around 250 pounds. He had a medium brown complexion, close cut black hair with a receding hairline, neatly trimmed beard and mustache.

The subject appeared to have a missing upper left front tooth. At the time he was found, he was wearing a chocolate brown Letterman-style jacket with tan sleeves, black t-shift, and gray cloth/flannel type warm up pants. A picture of the jacket is provided.

Meridian police say no missing persons have been reported fitting the description of this person locally but the department has and is checking with other jurisdictions for a possible missing person's match.

Anyone who has Information on the possible identity of this person is asked to contact the Meridian Police Department at 601-485-1893, 601-485-1859, or 601-485-1862.