Cause of Death Confirmed in Philadelphia Murder

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Official DNA results from the fatal trailer fire in Philadelphia on March 2nd confirm that the victim was indeed 29 year old Terri Gwyn. Philadelphia Police are continuing to investigate and gather evidence from the scene, while her friends and family held a special vigil for her this past weekend. Philadelphia Police Chief Bill Cox says that initial autopsy reports point to asphyxia before the fire as the cause of her death.

"We are still awaiting the complete autopsy results and we are continuing to work now to determine motives and a timeline of the events that did occur prior to her death, as well as continuing our investigation."

While Gwyn's loved ones knew she was the victim, police could not officially release the name until they had a positive DNA match. Getting that match took over a week, quite longer than usual.

"We had to coordinate with a lab in North Carolina to obtain DNA samples from family members and then coordinate that with our crime lab here in Jackson to determine a positive identification of the victim. Coordination efforts to get family members to provide a sample was the main difficulty with it being several states away."

This is Philadelphia's first homicide of the year, and Cox says he has not seen anything like this since he's been on the force. While they have Gwyn's cause of death, Cox says they are not done working this case.

"We'll continue to work with other investigative agencies and the fire department to put together a complete picture as to what happened on the night in question."

Her former boyfriend, Daniel Williamson, is charged with her murder and arson. He remains in the Neshoba County Jail without bond.