Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week kicked off nationwide, and St. Patrick School in Meridian began the celebration with a proclamation from the mayor.

The theme for this year is "Raise the Standards". It focuses on the importance of education and religion in developing children for the future.

"We all know the importance of education and preparing our children for the future, so this is a very special day for the Catholic school and I'm proud to be a part of that celebration," said Mayor Cheri Barry.

"We are celebrating with over two million students across the nation and we are very excited today because we are raising the standards with our technology," said principal Julie Bordelon.

And the technology unveiled Monday was the school's new iPad computer lab. It's used to explore educational websites along with educational apps.

The teachers configure the system and the students are assigned their own individual iPad for subjects like math or social studies.

"The great thing about it so far is that it is an exciting and fun way for them to learn," said 6th grade teacher Denise Snow. "You hear them laughing getting excited about it. And as the teacher I'm back there smiling, wondering what they are excited about, and they are learning the countries in northern Europe."

"Doing research, learning definitions, and pretty much just having fun," said Cassandra Klutz, a 6th grade student.

The students said they are looking forward to getting to learn lots of things using the new iPads.