Celebrating Success

West Kemper Elementary is celebrating a new day as the school is the only one in the Kemper County School District to achieve the academic label of 'successful.' Students who scored 'advanced' on their state test were honored along with teachers who had the highest preforming classes. The motivation this celebration provides will encourage the students to continue to work hard.

Toccara Coleman, a sixth grade teacher at West Kemper, tells us, "Well, it's important to award the kids for their hard work because by them having something like this, they have something to look forward to. They have things to work on to get to this, then they're going to want to do their best so they can come out here and enjoy a celebration like this again."

A sixth grader who achieved "Advanced" level on the state tests is still in shock over his accomplishment.

"It's just....it's incredible! It's just incredible," exclaims Stephen Cole, a current sixth grader.

Thursday's celebration, including the food, was offered free to students thanks to community support.

Connie Johnson, principal at West Kemper, says, "Our parents and our community are here. We have board members that are present, and we would just like to say thank you to all of them for coming out and supporting us. They gave out tremendous donations to help us make this day a success, and so we thank our community for standing behind us and always lifting us up."

Now the school takes aim at becoming 'high performing.'

"The teachers want it, the students want it, and I want it, so I know that we're 'One Team, One Dream, One School.' We will move to the next level," says Johnson.

Teachers say reaching 'successful' was all possible because, "Teamwork did make the Dream work."