Celebrating Easter Sunday

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Members of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church say they were up bright and early on Sunday morning for a special sunrise service to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, the great get up morning they call it.

"Thanking god for allowing his son Jesus to come down and die for us," Mary Mosley said. "That we may have a right to the tree of life. So for that, we are very thankful and very grateful."

"Here to celebrate Easter and thank god for everything he's done for us," Ravi Myers told us. "And raised his son from the dead, so just happy to be here."

"It means love , it means goodness, grace," Tabbotha Adams Jones said. "It means god's mercy and it just means the fact of the community getting together and loving each other and celebrating the life of Jesus the Christ."

But for members at Mount Zion church, the celebrating didn't stop once they left church on Sunday.

"We will celebrate the remaining of the afternoon with our family," Mosley said. "Because Christ would want us to be not only good stewards of his word, he would like for us to share our love with our family and charity starts at home."

Mosley tells us if there is one thing to take away from Easter Sunday and the resurrection of Jesus.

"Because he lived, we can face tomorrow," she told us. "No matter our situations or what life brings us, because he lived we can face." tomorrow."