Changes Coming at Courthouse

Lauderdale County Courthouse in Meridian, Miss.

More parking should become available for those who have to do business at the Lauderdale County Courthouse or Annex Building thanks to a motion that was introduced by Dist. 3 Supervisor Josh Todd Monday and then passed by the board of supervisors.

Todd explained the measure.

"We ask that all county employees, whether you are driving a county car to work or are employed by the county, whether if you work in the annex or in the courthouse, that you not park in the block around the Courthouse."

There are county-owned parking lots near the courthouse, and the board is taking steps to make those lots safer.

"There is a lighting issue," Todd acknowledges. "We have gotten into contact with Mike (Vance), and Mike is getting in contact with Mississippi Power. They're going to come set up poles, or put new lights up, whatever they have to do to make it safe for the ones that may leave after 5, 5:30 so they'll feel a little more at ease walking to their car."

Inside the courthouse, a private security firm that already does work for the county will now provide security at the elevator.

Board president, Joe Norwood, of District 4, says, "We just had the contract amended to have security provided at the elevator instead of the Sheriff using his manpower to do that because he's down a few men over there anyway."

Norwood says Lauderdale County will save money with having the hired security on site. Norwood, though, would like to take security a step further.

"Have everyone come in on the south side which is Constitution Avenue," Norwood explains, "that way everyone that comes in the courthouse will be able to go through security' because right now, we've got security and it's not providing security for four offices in the courthouse."

Norwood says he will bring up this suggestion at the next supervisors work session.