Chickasawhay River Floods Roads in Quitman

The Chickasawhay River is rising higher and higher, and emergency management in Clarke County says at this rate, they aren't certain when it will stop. Quitman could see continued flooding through the end of the week, and the waters in Shubuta might see flooding until the weekend. EMA director Eddie Ivey says at this point, it's a waiting game.

"We do still have a lot of roads that are underwater because of the Chickasawhay and some of the other tributaries. As it goes further South, Shabuta Creek will pick up some of that water and get in some of those areas down there, as well. It's just kind of a fluid, moving process," he says.

Thankfully, most of this flooding is on the outskirts of the city, so many are not affected. But it is a big inconvenience for drivers.

"Normally, we come from Pachuta, we turn on 512; that's about 5 miles. Since it's flooded and everything we have to come on around on 18, and that does kind of slow us down a little bit in getting in here," R.J. Richardson of Pachuta says.

Ivey says the only danger lies from those who think they can handle the floodwaters.

Many of the roads here are completely covered by water, and despite the warning signs, many of the drivers, like the one behind me, are throwing caution to the wind, and paying the price.

EMA has already had to rescue a few submerged vehicles in this area. And Ivey encourages other drivers not to make the same mistake.

"It doesn't turn out well. We don't want to lose anybody's life or get anybody hurt because of that. I know it's an inconvenience, but they really need to avoid the areas that we've got blocked off and go around. Take the extra time and go the distance," Ivey says.