Chief Benny Dubose Reflects on Recent MPD Changes

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Meridian, Miss. It's been two weeks since Chief Benny Dubose has been back in the saddle as Chief of Police at the Meridian Police Department and several changes are beginning to take place within the department and the community. Although Dubose has been retired for several years he felt an obligation to come back to the city he once ran.

"I didn't like what I was seeing going on at the police department, the criminal activity that was going on inside the city," said Dubose. "I was talking to a group at the Rotary Club a couple of days ago and I told them it was similar to coming home and finding the babysitter drunk on the sofa and the kids running wild."

Since his inception as police chief, Dubose says it's time to implement some programs back into the Meridian Police Department.

"I think there are some things that we can put in place that would maybe held with the crime situation," said Dubose. "Crime is not only in Meridian, it's all over the country."

It's programs like the Bike Patrol, Gang and Dart Unit, as well as rejoining the Drug and Task Force that the department has been implementing.

"The Drug Task Force did a little bit more than just arrest drug dealers or users or whatever," said Dubose. "They were critical in some of our cases, murder cases, and so forth with the intelligence they were able to gather from their informants and the people that they dealt with."

The MPD is almost 30 years behind in technology and not only does Dubose hope to find more money and grants to improve the department, but to better train his officers.

"I care a lot about getting my folks trained so they can be comfortable in doing their job," said Dubose. "I don't want an officer out there questioning him or herself, am I doing the right thing or collecting all the evidence that I need to collect. I want to make sure they are comfortable in their job and that they are more capable of performing their duties."