Child Shooting Victim Showing Signs of Improvement

Marion, Miss. Police are determined to find answers behind the Marion shooting that put a 10-year-old girl in the hospital. Though that girl has been in critical condition for days, police say her health has finally begun to improve.

"The little girl that was involved in there is in stable condition," Chief Randall Davis says.

Investigators say the child was shot in her side as she was sleeping at her home at Morocco Apartments late Tuesday night The bullet exited the other side, grazing her 32-year old mother who was beside her. Marion Police Chief Randall Davis says he's eager to solve this case.

"This really hits close to home because I have a little girl about that age," he says. "I just think about it like this. That little girl went to bed last night thinking, 'I'm going to get up this morning and go to school.' Now, she's in the hospital trying to hang on for her life."

The girl's mother says a black male in a black mask busted in the back door, fired shots, then ran away on foot after stealing her purse. But investigators believe this case is about more than just someone who wanted money.

"I don't feel like it was a robbery," the chief explains. "I think it was a targeted situation. And we will find out more with further investigations."

Marion police and the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department have teamed up for this case, and brought in several people for questioning. Chief Davis says those interviews have been very helpful, but he's looking for more people with answers.

"It's a community and a law enforcement thing," Chief Davis says. "If we can combine together, this would make things better. Us just communicating with each other and helping out because it's a joint effort to solve these cases."