Child Shooting Victim in Recovery

The 10-year-old girl who was shot in Marion continues to recover after the man suspected of shooting her has now died.

The girl's aunt tells Newscenter 11 that the girl has been through multiple surgeries. She recently went through another surgery and her health is still improving.

Her injuries come after a masked black male broke into the girl's house on April 15. He fired one bullet which entered the girl's torso, and exited the other side before grazing the little girl's mother. The 10-year-old was airlifted to Jackson where she underwent surgery and was in critical condition. As of Friday, her condition has improved to the point that she is in a regular room and no longer on a ventilator.

Marion police and the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department have been searching for Emmanuel Wooten in connection with the girl's injuries. That investigation led to a shootout between Lauderdale County sheriff's deputies and Wooten when they attempted to stop him for questioning in Toomsuba. Then, more gunfire when authorities trapped him in a meridian house. Wooten emerged from that building shooting. Officers returned fire, and Wooten died from his injuries soon after. But law enforcement cannot yet confirm whether Wooten is responsible for the 10-year-old girl's injuries.

"We are not releasing any information concerning that. This is an event that occurred today that unfortunately ended in a tragic loss of life. We will continue our investigation and hopefully have some resolve as to the previous incident that happened in Marion," Sheriff Billy Sollie says.

The girl is currently still in Jackson working toward recovery.