5th Annual "Sporting Clays for Character" Kicks Off

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Lauderdale County, Miss. There's no doubt that sport shooting is a thrill for many that live in Mississippi and Alabama. It's those thrill seekers that took time to participate in the 5th annual "Sporting Clays for Character"
fundraising event. The event aimed at raising money for the Choctaw Area Council, which serves East Mississippi and West Alabama, is being held at Camp Binachi, as a two day event. Scouting Executive Ken Kercheval says it's an event that many love to participate in.

"When you raise money and there's lots of great fundraisers out there, you try to find a niche that people will have fun as well as don't mind giving to a great organization," said Kercheval. "That's what we've found here in the five years. It's really grown."

Roughly 30 teams are taking part in the event, where they get to shoot clays that are thrown to resemble hunting situations. One participant says the event not only is fun, but he knows his money is going to a good cause.

"We have really enjoyed getting out here and doing this and it's just a great way to spend a day," Participant Tony McDaniel. "It's for a good cause, The Boy Scouts of America, all the money goes to benefit The Choctaw Area Council and we're just glad to participate and support this event each year."

Kercheval says they expect to raise about $50,000 from the event in which it will all go back into promoting scouting.

"We use this money this time of year," Kercheval said. "We're going to every school and promoting scouting, doing sign up nights. So it goes to do that, it goes to support this camp out here, Camp Binachi, which is a year round camp."

It's with each shot heard on the grounds of Camp Binachi, that more money is donated to the future of scouting.