Choctaw County High Moving Forward

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Two days after a fire heavily damaged Choctaw County High School in Butler, the district is working to get students back in class.

The Tuesday night fire took hours to extinguish. The cleanup has already started.

Staff, students, agencies and the community are all taking part.

Scott Craft with SERVPRO of Demopolis says the company worked all night.

"We came in yesterday evening and started the extraction once they cleared the building," said Craft. "And we worked through the night. Got all the water out of the building. And now as soon as we get the electricity restored, we will get it dried out."

Choctaw County School Superintendent Sue Moore says the district used social media to mobilize everyone in this massive cleanup effort.

"I put that out on Facebook, and I put that out on instant messenger that went out system-wide, that said come to work, come in work clothes. Dress warm because we have no heat. We have no gas. We have no phones," said superintendent Sue Moore. "We have nothing except manpower. We are getting the job done."

Some of the faculty and staff say they will do whatever it takes.

"Team work," said Elizabeth Butler, science teacher. "Getting it done, because we love our students and we want them to succeed."

"We are working hard trying to get everything ready for the students to come back soon as possible," said Jessie Mitchell, teacher's aide.

CCHS principal, Stacey Gill, says they are thankful to the community, staff, and outside people who have come forward to help get the school back on its feet.

"Because things are still being investigated," said Gill. "However, they have assured us that the building process will take place. We will be rebuilding soon but right now our main goal is to try to get back to school with the kids."

Moore says with all of the cleanup efforts, the district is hoping to start class Tuesday, Feb. 26.

The fire was reported around 7:45 p.m. The fire was contained about 2 a.m. the following day. It heavily damaged the west wing. State fire officials said initially they don't suspect arson.