Choctaw County Suffers Storm Damage

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Choctaw County was damaged by severe storms Christmas Day.

Numerous families in one community were picking up the pieces Wednesday.

Residents in Rock Springs came home to find a tornado had destroyed four mobile homes and a business. Crews were out to remove debris from the roadways so residents could assess their damage.

Power companies were in full force with crews trying to get power back on for residents.

"This is one of the worst hit places," said Frank Adams of Black Warrior Electric Membership Corp. "There's three hard hit places in the county, but this is probably one of the worst ones right here."

"There's a community up there that we have several trailers that were destroyed and a travel trailer, several other homes were damaged," said Sheriff Tom Abate. "We have a lot of property damage, boats that were completely demolished up in that area."

"We were at my brother's for Christmas yesterday, over in Matherville, Mississippi, and we got a phone call from my uncle saying we lost everything," said Monica Donovan of Rock Springs. "You can see there's nothing left."

One of the families was at home when the tornado flipped their mobile home with them inside.

"My uncle-in-law's trailer, they were in here when it actually flipped over," said Christine Hearn of Rock Springs. "He had to kick the wall out to get him and his wife out of it."

The Hearn family not only lost their homes but lost their the business.

"There were two buildings," said business owner, Vernon Hearn. "One was a hundred foot long and the other was one hundred and thirty five foot long and we raised rabbits in them."

"Luckily the good Lord let everybody live through all of this," said Terry Hearn of Rock Springs. "That's all we are grateful for."

Officials say they are still assessing the damage throughout the county.

The National Weather Service says there were two tornadoes on the ground in Marengo County. The first happened about 3:00 in Dixons Mills. The second was 6 p.m. in Demopolis. Both have been rated EF1 in intensity.