Choctaw High School Thankful for Assistance

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Faculty, staff and students at Choctaw County High School are moving forward after a devastating fire.
The fire happened Feb. 19.

School officials say the recovery is moving along smoothly. They say they're thankful for all of the school systems and companies that donated supplies and money.

"It was a lot of teamwork with all the teachers, the faculty, the community, the administration to make it happen," said district superintendent, Sue Moore. "I think these students were so thankful for it and I know the parents were."

Moore says the churches brought in food for the workers.

"I want to commend the children on their behavior and their willingness to work with the teachers in us getting back to school," said principal, Stacey Gill.

"I've had from all over the state where systems have called. They've sent copy paper; they have sent staples, pencils, pens," said Moore. "The community has done the same thing. Every agency that you see here, from the dollar stores that we have, we have three or four dollar stores here, they've sent in supplies."

Officials say they are still drying floors and waiting on insurance adjusters to finalize paperwork so the rebuilding can begin in earnest.