Choctaw Stabbing Death: Victim's Family Speaks Correction

Neshoba County, Miss. There's a plea for justice from a family on the Choctaw Reservation following the murder of a loved one, who was stabbed almost 70 times.

"This is something nobody can expect," says Ryan Willis. "I didn't expect nothing like this to happen."

Almost two weeks after the stabbing death of his older brother, Willis says he's still in shock.

"My brother is gone, and I just can't...."

According to loved ones, Jonas Joe was discovered stabbed in a grassy area along Oswald Road on August 15th. They say that he had been stabbed 67 times. Jonas' relatives go on to say that the stabbing is thought to have happened anywhere between two or three that morning, but that it wasn't until about 4 AM when he was discovered and pronounced dead.

Found stabbed about one mile away from his house, family members say they are puzzled by the 37-year-old's death.

"Both of my brothers, they don't go making trouble for nobody," says Courtney Willis McGee. "My brother, he stayed home. He defends his family when needed, and all we're seeking is justice. That's what I want to see is justice!"

This is not the first tragedy for Jonas Joe's family. Earlier this summer they had a cousin shot eight times. According to them, the suspect in that case is the same person who is the suspect in Jonas' murder. When Jonas was stabbed, they say that the suspect in their cousin's case was out of jail on bond.

"I don't want him back on the streets," says Ryan Willis. "I want justice really!'

Newscenter 11 has contacted the spokesperson for the Choctaw Tribe to find out more information about the investigation. So far, the tribe has not released any further details.