Chris McDaniel Offers Reward to Catch Voter Fraud

Chris McDaniel is offering a reward: $1,000 for information on possible voter fraud.

It's part of a new program he's just launched called the Election Integrity Challenge. He's requesting $15 donations from voters. That money will go to fund 15 different $1,000 rewards for anyone who can provide evidence leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in voter fraud in the runoff election.

"These allegations that have been made are very, very serious," McDaniel says. "They likewise understand that the numbers we're amassing or collecting right now are substantial. So the great majority of people who have written me, who have contacted me, want me to persevere until we find integrity in the process."

After Stevie Fielder from Meridian came forward with accusations that he had been paid to buy black votes, the Hinds County Democratic Party chairman alleged that a Cochran campaign operative asked Democrats to help him by working together to accept crossover voters.

"We're finding more than 5,000 irregularities to process," McDaniel says. "We know that there have been two separate allegations of criminal conduct on department people so far. So right now we are looking at it as carefully as we can."

The McDaniel campaign believes they'll find more and more instances of voter fraud. However, that doesn't seem to be an issue here in Lauderdale County. Circuit Clerk Donna Jill Johnson says they found only about seven instances of possible crossover voting, but those are still being investigated.

Johnson says having some irregularities is not out of the norm. She attributes such a low number to vigilance of election officials.

"We had almost 12,000 people to vote, and we think we're fortunate in Lauderdale County to have only seven possibilities when other counties have had much worse," she says.