Chunky River Flooding Damage

At more than 24 feet, the Chunky River is pouring over the banks and spilling out across both Lauderdale and Newton counties. LEMA director Scott Spears says luckily, he hasn't seen too much damage from the flooding yet, but emergency management continues to be cautious.

"Even south of there, it's up to roads, and if we get enough rain this afternoon, it's probably going to cover some roads. And there could even be some roads in the southern part of the county that the water's already come over," he says.

And longtime staple, Chunky Shoals Fish Camp, did not escape the damage of the rising river. The owners say they're still assessing the damage to the restaurant, but they think it is minimal. Chunky Shoals has seen its fair share of flood damage, but the owners say this was their first experience as owners.

"It's different when you look at it and you own it. It's a different experience. I worked it in the floods before, and it was fun. But I'd have to say, this isn't fun today," Chunky Shoals owner Rick Lewis says.

The Chunky River has not surpassed the minor flood stage, reaching about a foot shy of moderate. NEMA director Steve Baggett says there are nearly 20 roads in the area with water crossing them or completely washed out. Now it seems the flooding has peaked, and will hopefully soon decline.

"The river right now is pretty well up. It's right at flood stage. It is trying to take a turn now to go down. We're peaking out somewhere around 24.5 looks like. So as it looks like right now, we're on the downhill slide, we hope," Spears says.

In the meantime, emergency management is asking everyone to be cautious and never attempt to cross a road with water, no matter how deep you think it may be.