Church Begins Local Mission Trip

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Meridian, Mississippi The weather didn't stand in the way of a local church showing the community how much it is loved.

Dozens made their way to Dumont Plaza in downtown Meridian on Sunday evening for "Love Out Loud," hosted by Northcrest Baptist Church in Meridian. Sunday was the first of three nights of worship, which included Pastor Fred Luter. It's all part of the church's week of mission work and work that is being done right here at home.

"We actually heard about another church that did a mission church in their own city," Ben Shirley says. "And you know, every time you think of a mission trip, you think of going somewhere. And there's so many needs right here in Meridian and it's what the church is supposed to be doing anyway, so we felt the need to do this right here in our own city and try to meet needs right here at home."

This week, volunteers will be serving meals to members of the community, visiting local schools, and stopping by the Boys and Girls Club.