Church Celebrates 50 Years of Ham Meal

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1700 pounds of ham, 585 dozen eggs, 100 pounds of grits, and gallons upon gallons of coffee. That's what members of First Christian Church have been preparing for weeks leading up to their 50th Annual Kentucky Ham Meal, but as Pastor Tom Sikes explains, this event had quite a humble beginning.

"It started with 60 pounds of ham that were brought down from Mayfield, Kentucky from Dr. and Mrs. William Apperson, he was the Minister here for 33 years, and it's just a wonderful celebration. They brought it down to serve a meal and raise money for a hospital in India."

Back in 1963, they raised $600 dollars for that hospital in India, and today First Christian is carrying that legacy on, except they're expecting to raise about $24,000 from 3000 meals over the two day period, with all the money going to about 12 different local organizations that help people out with all kinds of different needs.

"We help out Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Club, Love's Kitchen. We also help with Blair E. Batson Hospital in Jackson, and the funds for the cancer clinic here to help people who don't have the money to travel to take their chemotherapy."

Church members act as greeters and servers, taking care of everyone from the time they walk in the door until they leave, and Pastor Sikes says that along with raising money, service is what this event is all about.

"It's about the table, and our church has Communion every Sunday, but this is a chance for us to show that service at the table."