Church Distributes Groceries to Less Fortunate

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A local church delivered some special gifts for those less fortunate on Sunday night.

The Evangel Temple hosted its fourth annual "Grocery Giveaway." Those in need were able to simply drive up to the church and receive a free bag of groceries. Church members have donated money and food over the past few weeks.

Dusty Culpepper with Evangel Temple says that cars were lined up before they even started handing the food out, and says they enjoy being able to do this for the community.

"We knew there was a need in the community," Culpepper says. "People would come through and say 'I haven't had a job in over a year' and what a blessing it is that they're able to receive at this time of year. It's been overwhelming really, the response that we've had."

The giveaway helps put food on the table for hundreds of families each year.