Church Offers Ongoing Prayer During Cold Weather

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Meridian, Miss. Life Church in Meridian will be hosting three nights of all night prayer meetings.

The church is calling it “Fire by Night.” The meetings will last until Wednesday. Many have donated food and clothes to the church to help with the meetings. Life Church will leave its doors open, the heaters turned up, and open arms for anyone who needs to get out of the cold.

Pastor Gary Morris says on Thursday, one of the homeless members of his church was freezing. Morris came and opened up the church for him so he wouldn’t freeze to death.

"I began to think about your weather forecast and I began to think about all of the people that were going to be out with the temperatures dropping and the windchill factor being near zero," Pastor Morris explains. "I could not comfortably go home and go to bed knowing there were people who were suffering."

He says anyone who wants to come in out of the cold during the prayer meetings is more than welcome to. The church will have food and clothes waiting for them. A few homeless people have already visited the church and sat by the fire while reading bible stories, eating, and mingling with others.