Church Reaches Out for Missions

The Annual Kentucky Ham Meal for Missions got underway bright and early Tuesday in Meridian.

First Christian Church has hosted the fundraiser for 51 years.

Pastor Tom Sikes says it has grown every year, not only in the number of meals served, but the number of lives that are touched through the mission work.

"We see our church as a missional church, where every member is a missionary," said the Rev. Tom Sikes. "Where we are planted right here in the community in Meridian, to serve right here, and every member gets to participate in this meal for a day and a half. And they get to see the teamwork that comes together and working together and everybody fitting in place and knowing that it goes to a great cause. "

The church serves around 3,000 meals and half of those are at the drive-thru.

The Kentucky ham meal continues Wednesday from 6:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.