Citizen, Supervisor Make Allegations

The Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors has formed a proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which starts October 1.
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Lauderdale County, Miss. The Lauderdale County supervisors meeting was more eventful than usual.

Accusations were made by Tommy Williams of Marion who claims he was threatened by District 3 supervisor Josh Todd before Monday's meeting.

There was no one there to support Williams' claim, but he says he will be attempting to file a formal complaint with the sheriff's office regarding the matter.

Todd said that Williams attempted to intimidate him and then cussed him out prior to the board meeting.

"I don't take lightly to being cussed or to being talked down upon, threatened or being pushed around," said Todd. "I didn't get to where I am now by being intimidated. I'm not going to stand for it. The people of my district elected me to do a job and that's to get the best, not the second, and that's to get all we can for our area and for our kids."

We were not able to confirm that those charges were actually filed against Todd.