City Attorney Says Meridian Officials Will Reconsider

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Meridian, Miss. The head of the company that operates a crime reporting website the City of Meridian dropped out of last week, says he hopes city leaders will change their minds.

William Kilmer of Public Engines said city attorney, Michael Goggans, reached out to him, and Kilmer hopes any misunderstandings were resolved.

Kilmer offered the service free to the city leaders for as long as they want to participate. He says it, in fact, is not a site that reports 911 calls in real-time. Kilmer says it usually takes about 24 hours for the incident to show up on the site.

Kilmer says he explained to Goggans the city can report only verified crimes and not every service call to the website.

Newscenter 11 asked Goggans Monday if the decision last week to drop the crimereports website was premature.

"I think any time you put data that's not accurate in front of the population, that it's appropriate to withdraw that until such time that the correct data is put forth," said Goggans.

Meanwhile, Kilmer says the city can decide what incidences to report.

"I think that could be the way the city could fulfill the information requirements that clearly the citizens of Meridian are looking for, and also be able to relieve any concerns about over representing or over reporting what types of crimes are happening," said Kilmer. "Hopefully, that's a good exchange between the citizens being informed and being able to protect themselves and also being able to report back into the law enforcement agency with any information they have about the crimes that are occurring. So I think it's really a win-win for the citizens and the Meridian Police Department."