City Council Approves Interim CFO

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Meridian, Miss. In the first regular meeting since the firing of former chief financial officer, Ed Skipper, the Meridian City Council conducted business in front of a full crowd. Several key issues were discussed including who would conduct the business of the vacant CFO. In a unanimous vote, the council approved authorizing Deputy City Clerk Leigh Barber to sign checks and execute all other documents on behalf of the City of Meridian.

Mayor Percy Bland says that search for a new CFO is currently underway with plans to have that person ready to take on the position.

"In the next six to eight weeks we'll have someone ready to serve in the full-time capacity of that position," said Bland. "In the interim, the deputy city clerk City will be serving as the interim CFO."

In addition to her roles, the council approved a $500 monthly raise until a new CFO for the City of Meridian is appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council. At the close of the meeting, several council members, including Councilman Dustin Markham talked about getting the community more involved in becoming informed about meetings.

"We just have to keep encouraging citizens to come to meetings," said Markham. "Everyone I talk to, I encourage them to read statutes. Statutes lay out the authorities that bind the mayor-council form of government. Also, sitting in through the meetings, tackling some of the issues that we are tackling and having a good understanding of what we are tackling will also lead to a more informed community."

The council members say the key to any governing body is communication and they will continue to work towards that with the mayor.