City Council Lifts Hiring Freeze in Meridian

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Meridian, Miss. After several months, the hiring freeze in the city of Meridian has finally been lifted. Chief Administrative Officer Mike McGrevey tells Newscenter 11 that not only is he pleased that the council voted to lift the freeze, but that it's important to Meridian in regards to staffing.

"In an anticipation of the council lifting this hiring freeze, I've already tasked the department heads to provide me by COB on Thursday of this week, a prioritized list of what their hiring requirements are as well as what their testing requirements are," said McGrevey.

McGrevey says the positions that are out there are necessary to provide the services to the citizens of Meridian. Senior Officer Chris Read of the Meridian Police Department was also on hand to talk to the city council about an agreement between the Jones County Sheriff's Department and the MPD. In the agreement, the two departments Interstate Crime Enforcement Units would work together to combat drug traffic and money laundering on the interstate.

"The main purpose is having not only two or three individuals that Meridian Police Department Ice Unit has out there in a full-time capacity, but also bringing in a couple of other individuals that are trained and experienced in that area and that field," said Read. "We can utilize their expertise and their training also."

With more eyes on the roads, the more crimes that are identified.

"It's a win-win situation," said Read. "More narcotics get of the streets, more weapons get of the streets."

Read says this comes at no cost to the taxpayers of Meridian because the officers are already trained. Mayor Percy Bland was expected to give his annual report, but McGrevey says he had prior obligations in Jackson where he was attending a funeral.