City Council Working to Update Ordinances

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Meridian, Miss. The Meridian City Council has begun the job of updating some of the city's ordinances.

The first is a new noise ordinance with stiffer penalties for violations.

Ward 5 city councilman, Randy Hammon, talked about the city council's plans with members of Lauderdale County's Council of Governments. Signs will be posted to draw attention to the regulation.

"Those signs will start going up in the next week or two," said Hammon. "They've already been purchased and we'll have an opportunity to see what effect that has as we get into the other ordinances."

Hammon points out although there are existing behavioral ordinances on the books, that doesn't mean they are always followed, and it's time to re-address many of them.

"We will get into other ordinances, such as disorderly gathering, littering, trash, those types of things that affect all of us," Hammon said. "Parties, those types of things, affect all of us."

Hammon says the council studied statistics in other cities, and the new noise ordinance could make a big difference for the quality of life for city residents.

"Every time this is done, it reduces crime by 7% in the first three years. Eighteen percent in the first seven years," said Hammon. "And the reason that is, is as people get acclimated to 'I shouldn't do this', or 'I should do this', they get acclimated to whatever ordinances that are put into effect."

And to help citizens acclimate to the new noise ordinance how about a review of the fines? If you are too loud, it will cost you $75 for the first offense, $200 for the second, and $500 for the third violation.