City-County Animal Control Agreement in Jeopardy

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Meridian, Miss. Lauderdale County's board of supervisors is telling the city of Meridian it has 45 days to live up to its part of an inter-local agreement for animal control.

The board voted Monday to notify the city of a deadline to rectify its breach of the agreement that was signed in 2001.

The city and county are each supposed to provide three staff members for the joint animal control operation. The city has only had one employee for more than a year.

"The two we have in animal control have come to us with concerns for the past several months and we've asked the city to correct them," said District 3 supervisor, Josh Todd. "We are just not getting any answers other than we're going to do this next week. "

Meridian's police chief oversees animal control. His response to Newscenter 11 Monday regarding the supervisors' vote was 'no comment'.