City Joins County's Hazardous Mitigation Plan

Lauderdale County is allowing Meridian to join in on a plan that will help the city get federal funds for certain emergency management issues.

The Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors Monday agreed to let the city join its hazardous mitigation plan. The city had its own plan for several years but it has expired.

Such a plan is needed to receive certain federal funds, for projects like civil defense and flood control.

"It doesn't cost the county anything for them to be a part of our plan," said David Sharp, emergency management director. "MEMA pays for our plan. It's costing the city a little bit of money to get back into the plan, but it was going to cost them more to get a whole new plan written just for the city. So this was the cheapest route for them to get a hazardous mitigation plan and it works better having one plan for the whole county."

Sharp says in the next several years, MEMA (Mississippi Emergency Management Agency) will create plans for entire districts of the state, eliminating the need for counties to do so.