City Officials Respond to 'Sinkhole' Concerns

City officials in Meridian are responding to concerns from some residents about a possible 'sinkhole' in their neighborhood. Located on the corner of 48th. Avenue and 9th Street, officials with the Public Works Department say there's no reason for residents to worry about an expanding hole on nearby property.

Monday morning, city engineers and water crews from Meridian went to survey the area of concern. In summary, they say what appears to be a sinkhole to some, might not necessarily be that at all.

"Over a period of time there must have been some stumps or a basement to a house in the yard that has just settled," says Greer Goldman, who is the Street Supervisor for the City of Meridian. "It has nothing to do with any water or sewer lines or any kind of sinkhole that has anything to do with the city."

Within the last two months some residents who live near the area say the hole has expanded from very small to almost reaching the ditch and nearby street.

'It's a piece of private property. It's a vacant lot," says Goldman. "They (the concerned neighbors) need to get in touch with those property owners and talk to them about it; share their concerns with them and if the city can help in any kind of way we'll be glad to.'

When warranted, Goldman says city leaders can deem private property as a public safety hazard and fix the problem. However, in this case, he says that action is not needed.

"Over a period of time there may be some concerns for the city, but right now after we've looked at it and we see no immediate danger."

Goldman advises anyone with concerns about things such as sinkholes in Meridian to contact the Maintenance Control Office. That number is (601) 485-1990. To report emergencies after hours call (601) 485-1975.