City Says No Delay in Elections

A local civil rights activist Tuesday asked the Meridian City Council to delay the upcoming municipal elections.

Randle Jennings came before the council to ask for the delay based on the fact that the feds approved new ward lines on the same day as the candidate qualifying deadline, Mar. 8.

That meant a couple of candidates learned at the last minute that they didn't live in the ward where they had qualified.

Jennings wants a new qualifying deadline, but the council says it can't happen.

"The Department of Justice has ruled on that," said Thomas. "They've approved the redistricting. The parties have certified their candidates, and the independent candidates have qualified. So that's a done deal."

Jennings attempted to run for mayor as a Democrat, but the party refused to qualify him because the city has a judgment against him for several thousand dollars. The city had appropriated the money for what turned out to be a failed children's program.