City Seeking Entrepreneurs for Threefoot Building

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Meridian's tallest structure has been empty for years now and talk about what to do with the building comes and goes.

A fire on the 12th floor of the Threefoot building is still under investigation, according to Meridian Mayor Cheri Barry. However, the fire has prompted discussion about what should be done with the building.

"The city does not have the money to renovate the property, Barry points out. "Nor do we have the money to take it down. So, we're looking very actively for entrepreneurs that want to come in and be part of the growth of our community."

Mayor Barry says arts and entertainment and healthcare is what the city has to offer and what it would be able to sell best. She says a Health Care Industry Zone Act, signed into law by Governor Phil Bryant, is a good opportunity for businesses to come since incentives are provided to healthcare businesses, all the while expanding access to high-quality medical care and the number of health care jobs.

"So, I think if we clean up our community," Barry says. "And if we have a strong and viable, safe community to live in, then you're going to see a lot of business opportunities for people coming in. We have a very strong health care in Meridian, Mississippi."

As for those who think there is no hope for the Threefoot building and that it should be brought down, Barry says she is hopeful that it might be renovated.