City Sprucing Up Parks

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Work is progressing at Meridian's Highland Park. The duck pond has been cleared and dirt is being brought in to fill it. Within the next few weeks sod will be placed around the pond.

City officials say they'll also be making improvements to the basketball and tennis courts.

"Hopefully what we've been doing over the past twenty-something years has helped improve the park," said groundskeeper Ed Smith. "And right now working on the duck pond is going to improve the appearance, make some visitors come out, look around, and hopefully have a better home for the ducks."

Work on the pond is expected to be finished by November.

City workers started sprucing up Dumont Plaza as well. Flowers are being planted and a fresh coat of paint is being put on the gazebo.

"We're down here today just sprucing up Dumont, making it look good for the concert tonight and trying to improve the look of Dumont Plaza because it has got a lot of stuff down here that needs working on," said Danny Fitzgerald, city landscaping tech.

The work is expected to be finished by next week.

Highland Park