Meridian and Lauderdale County Dealing with Wintry Weather

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Meridian, Miss. The mayor of Meridian has issued a curfew for drivers in the area until 7 a.m. Wednesday morning, due to extremely dangerous driving conditions.

This storm has caused some serious problems all across the south. Lauderdale County officials have had more problems then they can handle. Fire departments, highway patrol, police, and the Lauderdale Emergency Management Agency have been called to accidents, only to receive new calls before arriving to the first calls. LEMA has been stretched to its limits handling last minute closings that happened just before the storm arrived. Interim LEMA director Scott Spears says that conditions normally worsen overnight.

"As night draws near what's on there is going to refreeze and night time travel and early morning travel are going to be even more treacherous. Temperatures aren't expected to get above freezing till about 1 p.m. tomorrow. My advice is please, please, please just stay home and stay off the roads if at all possible," said Scott Spears, interim director of LEMA.

Having already walked the streets, there is certainly thick black ice forming on most of the road ways. You can hear car tires slipping on the ice as people braved the Arctic air. Meridian Mayor Percy Bland called a press conference to get the message across:

"Those in the outlying areas be advised that the roads are not passable at this time and our streets in Meridian will get more dangerous as it turns to night. You may not see ice, you may not see these things on the streets., but please be aware that they are there and it's going to get more dangerous as it gets dark," said Mayor Bland.

Between black ice, and temperatures in the lower teens, Mayor Bland advises everyone to stay off the road unless it is an absolute emergency.