City of Meridian Draining Long Creek Reservoir

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Meridian, Miss. A popular Lauderdale County attraction is in the process of being drained.

Randy Rives uses a drone to take pictures and video of the Long Creek Reservoir. He's a local photographer and often uses the water as a backdrop for a lot of his work. He's one of many not exactly thrilled about the water being drained.

"I think it's a shame," Rives says. "I mean, it's an asset to people in this part of the county who use it everyday. And to lose it is going to be a big loss."

"I don't think it's a good thing," Jerry Carney says. "We've been fishing in this pond for years and years. And they drained it down to nothing."

Public Works director Hugh Smith says the city of Meridian is draining the Long Creek Reservoir after an inspection of the dam by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. Smith tell us MDEQ found the dam to be a hazard to properties in the area and needed upgrading.

"The bottom line is that the dam is not structurally sound and cannot continue to be operated in the fashion it had been in the past," Smith explains. "With that being said, with this year's hurricane season right upon us, we're making preparation for the amount of rainfall that this area gets."

Until those repairs can be made, Smith says the dam must be breached. He also tells us it's hard to say when the reservoir will be completely drained because of potential rainfall. Right now, the target is the month of August.

"As funds become available, as plans are further evaluated, we will go back and continue to improve that location," Smith points out.

In the meantime, residents are enjoying the water while it's still here.