City of Philadelphia Officials Prepare for Winter Weather

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Philadelphia, Miss. Once again the Southeast braces itself for another round of winter weather. With the main threat this time being a freezing rain event, several cities are taking necessary measures to make sure they remain open. With the roads already wet from steady rainfall, not only will freezing rain be a threat, but ice on the road ways will be problematic. Philadelphia Mayor James Young, not only believes the city is ready for this round of weather, but that officials have the tools to keep roadways accessible.

"A few years ago we purchased a salt spreader and of course they have the salt," said Mayor Young. They can get out and about pretty quick and disperse it on the hills and the slick streets pretty rapidly."

Despite the City of Philadelphia having salt trucks and sweepers on hand, the Mayor urges the residents of the city to take caution when driving on the roadways and if at all possible leave the roads accessible to emergency personnel. Of course with any event you always have to plan for the worse and the Mayor understands that.

" When it ices over, it's just a crippler," said Young." "You can plan, you can do all you can, but if the vehicles can't travel we just can't travel. So we are hoping for the best and kind of preparing for the worst and that's where we sit."

If you have to drive on roadways make sure you give yourself enough time to get where you need to go, however in an event of this nature that's rare in the South, the best option is to home where you are safe and warm.