Civil Service Commission Business on Hold

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Meridian, Miss. The removal of four members of the Meridian Civil Service Commission Tuesday by Mayor Percy Bland was a surprise to many people. And it comes at a critical time for the commission itself. It was set to hear a couple of high-profile police officer firings.

Bland is supposed to meet with the dismissed commissioners Monday evening at city hall to determine whether or not to uphold their removal.

Henry Palmer, the attorney for the Civil Service Commission, says that if Bland chooses to go through with the termination, that means any scheduled civil service hearings will not take place.

Newscenter 11 asked Bland if this has anything to do with any upcoming police officer hearings.

"No, it just, it doesn't have specifically to do with that," said Bland. "Like I said, they've (commission) been given notice. Of course, their notice had to deal with Open Meetings Act, violations of that."

A hearing for former Meridian police officer, Don Hopkins, was scheduled for Tuesday night. Now that may not happen.