Civil Service Commissioners' Hearing Postponed

Meridian, Miss. A hearing for four members of the Meridian Civil Service Commission, who were 'suspended' last week by Mayor Percy Bland, is being postponed. That meeting was set for Monday evening.

City council president, Dr. George Thomas, told members of the Council of Governments Monday that the attorney who represents those commissioners has requested for the hearing to be postponed for 30 days.

Meanwhile, the city's attorney, Michael Goggans, is crafting a written request that will be submitted to the state attorney general's office. That request is to determine whether the city council or mayor will preside over that hearing when it takes place.

"We'll have the answer from the A.G.'s office by then, a lot sooner than 30 days if we request an expedited opinion. We could get it within as little as two weeks," said Ward 2 city councilman, Dustin Markham. "So, it just depends on how quick the committee for municipalities at the attorney general's office meets and puts together an opinion for us."

Goggans says the hearing on the removal of the Civil Service commissioners is rescheduled for Mar. 10, at
5 p.m. at city hall, unless the parties agree to an earlier date.

Meanwhile, Markham says the Civil Service Commission will conduct a hearing for former Meridian police officer, Don Hopkins, Tuesday, as originally scheduled.