Civil Service Hearing for Fired MPD Officer Will be Re-Opened

Meridian, Miss. Meridian Civil Service Commissioners have opted to re-open the hearing for a fired police officer. Officer Adam Meaders was fired from the police department last fall after posting a picture on his Facebook page that some view as racist. The commissioners have been deliberating on whether to uphold his termination. But now Meaders's attorney says new evidence should be considered.

"They're not going to have a new hearing. It's for a limited purpose of considering newly discovered evidence. So it focuses on that one issue."

In his motion, Meaders's attorney David Linder says testimony by internal affairs investigator, Jay Arrington, was false. The testimony stated that the picture in question was posted on the Community Watch Facebook page. The administrator of the Facebook page says in an affidavit that the picture was not posted on Community Watch.

"He feels that Mr. Arrington testified about the Community Watch postings that Mr. Linder feels was wrong or in error, and the city disagrees with Mr. Linder's conclusion about that."

Now that the Commission is once again full with five members, there is no longer a chance of a tied vote amongst commissioners.

The hearing is set to open on June 10th, when the commissioners will make their ultimate decision on whether or not to uphold Meaders's termination.