Civil War Battle Reenactment at Archusa

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The annual reenactment of the Civil War Battle for Texas Hospital is this weekend at Archusa Water Park.

Special events kicked off Friday with children being invited to visit the re-created Civil War encampments. There will be other activities through the weekend to make the event entertaining as well as educational.

Mississippi Pete of Guntown, Miss., is here to replicate goods from those days.

"Normally you would travel with the troops and sell, and that's what I try to do," said Mississippi Pete. "But I try to approach it a little differently. I like to research the Civil War. And what I try to do is to replicate things that soldiers wore and to do them like it was back then."

Gerrit King of Baton Rouge. La., says blacksmithing was a big part of the Civil War era.

"This is a civilian impression. The military impression would be much more elaborate and you would have several people working," said King. "This is a simple traveling forge set up I have here. Everything had to be hand made back then."

Event coordinator Dianne Carlin says this is an important way to remember a major Civil War battle that happened here in east Mississippi.

"This event is to commemorate those who died during the Civil War here in Quitman at the Texas Hospital," Carlin said. "Texas Hospital was built with funds from citizens from the state of Texas. And Dr. Bryant came here and decided that because of our artesian springs they would build the hospital here, because those springs would help heal the wounds for the soldiers."

Next year's Battle for Texas Hospital will commemorate the 150th anniversary. The reenactment continues Saturday and Sunday at Archusa Water Park. Admission is $5 per vehicle.