Clarkdale Continues to Mourn Student Killed

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This weekend, a community continues to mourn the loss of a student loved by all of his teachers and classmates.

11th grader Dylan Mabry died Friday afternoon at University Medical Center in Jackson after he was seriously injured in a car wreck while traveling to Clarkdale Attendance Center on Thursday morning. Now, those who knew him are still trying to comprehend all that has happened.

"No words," Clarkdale Principal Cheryl Thomas says. "As an educator, it is definitely the hardest thing to deal with, the loss of a child."

Thomas says she's known Dylan for five years now and has been fortunate enough to watch him grow during that time. Others who saw Dylan on a daily basis say they are just too upset to even talk about what happened right now. His eighth grade teacher told Newscenter 11 by phone he was fun, loving, and just one of those students she couldn't get mad at, even when he did something wrong. Thomas agrees.

"Yes, because Dylan was just this wonderful, respectful young man," Thomas recalls. "And during the last couple of days, teachers have commented on what a joy he was to be around. But he was, he was funny and joked with them. And he was just always a joy to be around."

Two other teens were injured in the wreck. They are said to be doing better. Thomas admits that Monday will be a tough day on the campus of Clarkdale Attendance Center, but she says faith will get everyone through this difficult time.