Clarke County Flooding

Heavy rain Thursday caused flooding in all, but one of the five towns in Clarke County. There was flooding in Quitman, Stonewall, Enterprise and Shubuta. By 10 AM flood water filled the parking lot at the Dollar General store in Stonewall.

'This is not isolated. It's throughout the county,' says Chief Deputy Barry White with the Clarke County Sheriff's Department.

White says heavy rain, which started around 3 Thursday morning, prompted flooding. By sunrise, he says many awoke to find flood waters literally at their doorstep. Such was the case for several rows of houses along Highway 145 in the eastern part of Quitman.

'I think we had up to three that were saved out of their house in the county because the water came up so fast. Some firemen got to them and got them to safety.'

Early in the day there were no reports of injuries. However, to help with rising waters, inmates from the Clarke County jail spent the mid-morning packing sand bags for anyone who needed them.
The local chapter for the American Red Cross is also offering assistance to storm victims.

'We have the Red Cross coming to set up shop in the county multi--purpose building. They'll be taking applications and processing people for shelters,' says Clarke County Emergency Management Director, Jeff Arrington.

Red Cross officials are expected to be in Clarke County Friday to further assist storm victims.