Clarke County Receives Damage From Storms

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Clarke County, Miss. Late Thursday night a line of heavy thunderstorms rolled through the east Mississippi/west Alabama area. Most of us were spared anything major from the storms, but damage reports still funneled in as the night went on. Around 11:50 Thursday night a report of a car accident involving a vehicle running into a tree that had been blown down into the road. No injuries were reported with this incident, but Eddie Ivy of Clarke County EMA recalls what the storm was like during that time.

He says, "The weather during that period of time was very, very high winds, heavy rain, a lot of frequent lightning. We were, in my estimation, very fortunate that we didn't have a lot of damage."

Trees blowing down were a problem all across Clarke County as a few minor power outages were reported,

"You know it was really kind of all over the entire county. The power outages were in the southwest and the trees and damage in the northwest corner near Enterprise," according to Ivy.

Clarke County EMA was on standby just in case something major happened.

Ivy says, "We were here at the emergency operation center watching the weather, communicating with our volunteer fire departments and our spotters in the fields to make sure we were ready to respond to the needs of the citizens."

A few vehicles were also damaged from debris from strong, straight line winds.