Clarke County Residents Commemorate Anniversary of D-Day

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Clarke Co., Miss. It's been 70 years since that fateful day on the beaches of Normandy, when the largest water invasion in history took place, in what has become known as D-Day. Fast forward to the busy lives we live today and you see that people still take time to remember the lives of those lost in what is considered as the turning point in WWII.

"It's a time in the life of our country when we lost over 6,000 veterans in almost one day on the landing in Normandy," said Clarke County Veterans Affairs Officer Ronald Holloway. "It's a historical day that needs to be commemorated, whereas you know we are losing our veterans quickly."

In commemoration of the veterans that served during D-Day and the lives that were lost, several residents of Clarke County, gathered together to celebrate those lives and the achievements, especially of guest speaker Charles Brashier, who took part in D-Day, something he'll always remember.

"We were nervous, but we had a job to do and we went on and did what we had to do," said Brashier. "We thank God we made it back and so many didn't and that's what's so bad. We can't explain how things happen, only God knows for sure."

Brashier says it was his 24th mission when the plane he was in was shot down. It wasn't till after many days evading capture that he and his crew were finally rescued. Although many lives were lost during D-Day, he says you begin to realize just how much people sacrifice for their country.

"It's a sad thing that so many people had to lose their life for their country," said Brashier. "We wouldn't be here in the nation that we're in now if it wasn't for people who sacrificed their lives for this nation and for each other. When we were in the war we looked out for our fellow man as best as we can and take care of each other."