Clarke County Roads Flooded

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Some Clarke County drivers were greeted with "Water Over Road" and "Road Closed" signs this week. Between Sunday and Wednesday, 7 inches of rain fell in Enterprise, over 10 times more than normal for that time period. Mickey Taylor used to live very close to where County Road 320 was flooded Wednesday morning, and he was there checking out the road.

"I was just down here looking to see how high it was up. I have a truck at the next house up here and I was wondering if I could get it out if it got up any higher."

The flooded roads run very close to the Chickasawhay River, and Red Smith says that every time there's a prolonged period of heavy rain, the roads around the river flood because water from upstream comes rushing in.

"If Okatibbee lets out their dams, it's going to make us really, really bad. They've got a lot of water like us, so it's just a bad situation.

Many local residents had to turn around and find a detour when they came upon a flooded stretch of County Road 320 just South of Enterprise Wednesday morning. They say they have family members that live just beyond that flooded stretch of road, and it's been so high in the past that they've had to take them supplies by boat.

"The Chickasawhay is very quick to get out when it rains North of Meridian and around Meridian."

With rain out of the forecast for the next 6 days, the water will begin to subside and road conditions should improve through Thursday and Friday.