Clarke County SO Investigating Home Invasion

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Clarke County, Miss. Normally County Road 440 about a mile off of Highway 45 in central Clarke County is very quiet, but it was quite the opposite late Sunday night. Around 9:30 Clarke County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a home invasion where three black males were able to overpower the resident. After forcing him to open his safe and gun safe, they tied him up and robbed him of several other items, and Sheriff Todd Kemp said they ensured he wouldn't be able to get help fast after they left.

"He was able to get himself free and go to the neighbor's house next door because they took his phones, his cell phone and his house phone."

One of the suspects claimed he needed to use his phone because his car had broken down, but Kemp believes the victim in this case may have been targeted because of the location of his house.

"If he had broken down, he had to walk by several houses to get to this gentlemen's house."

While Clarke County does have its fair share of crime, Kemp says a case like this is very unusual because his department is proactive. Deputies had even been working a safety checkpoint in that area shortly before this incident occurred.

"This is totally unlike a case in Clarke County. We've only had a small number of home invasions like this within our county in my years of being here."

With most everyone having a cell phone these days, Kemp believes it's unlikely that someone would need to use your phone, so he says to stay alert.

"I ask everyone to take precautions. In this day and age, if somebody comes to your door in the middle of the night, call law enforcement because you can't take any chances with anybody anymore."

The Sheriff's Department is compiling a list of suspects, and hopes to make arrests soon.