Clarke County Storm Preps

The three year anniversary of a system of tornadoes that not only struck Choctaw County, Alabama, but also Jasper and Clarke Counties in Mississippi was just yesterday on April 27th. Four people were killed in that storm in Clarke County. On this day after the anniversary, storm preparations are once again being made within that area.

"All of our county departments have been notified, and they're on standby. They're preparing their equipment and their personnel," says Clarke County Emergency Management Director, Eddie Ivy.

He stresses that this is also the time for residents to come up with a plan of action if they don't already have one. This includes making sure that all of your loved ones know what to do when there is a severe storm. Plus, for those who live in manufactured homes, he says it's important to relocate to a more substantial structure when this type weather occurs.

"Since the storm that came through in 2011, I think that people are more weather aware, especially the people that were directly affected, and those who know those people who were directly affected," says Ivy.