Clergy Endorse Barry for Mayor

A group of pastors Tuesday declared their support for the re-election of Meridian Mayor Cheri Barry.

Meridian Clergy for Mayor Cheri Barry held a news conference outside Wechsler School. Several ministers voiced their endorsements of Barry.

The group said it credits Barry for putting the city's finances in order, showing a commitment to infrastructure improvements, and building a better future for all residents.

"She has positioned herself and has demonstrated that she manages the city finances well," said Bishop William C. Brown. "And has positioned herself to grow this economy, which is important for all sectors of Meridian."

Brown says he believes crime grows from poverty and that Barry is the right leadership to turn things around.

Barry faces a primary challenge from William Compton, Jr.

Two Democrats, Rod Amos and Percy Bland, are vying for the office. Two independents are also in the race, Wally Hudnall and Walter Patton.

The city of Meridian says Independent Doug Nichols did not have enough signatures on his petition to qualify to run. Democrat Randle Jennings was not certified by the party to run for the office.