Coal Plant Security Offers Free Job Training

Special training is being offered to some people seeking jobs at the coal plant site in Kemper County. The free training is being offered by Total Protection Services which handles security there.

"We prefer to have people who have prior training as far as the military, a corrections officer, a police officer or someone who has security experience, but as far as this academy goes, we're bringing in people who do not have this experience and we're giving them this experience. These will just be people who are basically looking for a job," says TPS Security Captain, Robert Smith.

TPS officials say the security positions are lucrative jobs that provide good pay and benefits.

"Nuclear security positions are our highest paid positions right now because they're highly regulated; this is the only regulated industry outside the presidential detail. So, anything else under nuclear security, and within the greater security profession, you need training and that leads you to greater promotion as far as salary," says TPS Owner/CEO, Phrantceena Halres.

At the coal plant site in Kemper County, the general salary range for security jobs is between $12 and $20 an hour. Halres says the training in April could help qualify people for security jobs at chemical or nuclear plants in neighboring areas as well.

"We say jobs, but I look at these positions as careers, particularly in the local communities in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina which is the Southern Belt," says Halres. "In those areas we find that they are very lucrative careers."

The free training sessions will start April 1st. The deadline to register is March 31st. For more information call (601) 490-2376 or 866-629-9809. You may also visit the company's website for more information about what TPS does. A link is provided below.

More than 3,000 people currently work at the coal plant site in Kemper County. Peak construction there is expected to start within the next month. During that time around 3,500 people will work there. The coal plant is on schedule to open in May 2014.