Cochran-McDaniel Debate Unlikely

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Jackson, Miss.

A Washington-based anti-tax group is criticizing Sen. Thad Cochran for not debating challenger Chris McDaniel in Mississippi's Republican U.S. Senate primary.

Club for Growth is airing TV and radio ads that say Cochran "won't even come home to defend his record."

Cochran made dozens of campaign appearances in Mississippi in April, when the Senate was on break. He was in the state again this past week, touring areas damaged by tornadoes.

Cochran told The Associated Press he doesn't see the point of debating McDaniel because he believes the challenger is misrepresenting his record in Washington.

Cochran was elected to the Senate in 1978. McDaniel was elected to the Mississippi Legislature in 2007.

Sen. Thad Cochran
Sen. Chris McDaniel